Doc Pyling and the Creosotes -

Travelling out West in 1969, I heard Hank Williams on a Wyoming country radio station and fell in love with America's music. It became a focus in our party Bluegrass band, The Dog Island Boys, a few years later on Guemes Island. Doc Pyling was an offshoot, focused on the playing of a legendary banjo player, David Coburn, to whom this CD is dedicated.

SFUZZI East/West - Casino Reale

SFUZZI East/West is a collaboration of American and Italian musicians recording in Seattle and Torino, Italy.

SFUZZI East/West - One Heart Left

Romance, heartbreak and political turmoil are the catalysts for these original songs. SFUZZI East/West is a collaboration of American and Italian musicians recording in Seattle and Torino, Italy.

Andrea Rapaggi Quartet - Non Basterà Una Vita

This quartet comes from years of playing jazz together, sharing an interest in hard bop, including the less popular composers. This passion matured and developed in their Cluzon Big Band project, where they discovered diverse arrangers as well as performers. A repertoire of original songs ensued. This wonderful musical journey was truly a group effort.

SFUZZI East/West - Songs for the Other Bob

A tribute to the music and influence of Bob Marley

SFUZZI East/West - Return Of The Reluctant Prophet

This follow up to SFUZZI East/West's " The Reluctant Prophet" is a full spectrum review of Dylan songs, over 4 decades. The interpretations are strong and unique, meant to inspire Dylan fans of all ages, worldwide, with his timeless work....and cause them to discover or reconsider some of his best compositions.

Coty Hogue - To The West

To the West is not only a collection of songs I love to sing, but also a reflection of my experience growing up in rural western Montana and my journey even farther west to Bellingham, Washington. During my time here in the Northwest, I have been fortunate to live in a very supportive community, and with that support I have grown significantly both personally and musically. Each of the songs and all the people who have contributed to this album represent that venture.

Cluzon Big Band - On A Misty Night

The Afro-American big band musical heritage of swing is explored and interpreted as the essential foundation of all modern music.

20 String Band - Savoia Sessions

An eclectic and original folk duo with shades of gypsy and bluegrass fusion.

SFUZZI East/West - Transylvanian Surf Music

The dark and gothic harmonies were inspired by travels inside the Hungarian culture of the Carpathians.

SFUZZI East/West - Objection! 2000

Originally designed as a current commentary / protest statement in 2004, events and political evolution rendered the Objection 2000 project more a statement about the eternal issues between government and the people, between the sexes and historical dramas ongoing. There will always be a need for protest music.

SFUZZI East/West - Lennon & McCartney '65 Back

The Italian/American collaboration, Sfuzzi, revisits the early songs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney

SFUZZI East/West - The Reluctant Prophet

Rediscover some of Bob Dylan's best work, written before 1976, with the Italian and American collaboration adding a unique flavor.

SFUZZI East/West - Spaghetti Western

This music was a revelation to the Italian players. Inspired by Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, Vassar Clements, and others who brought jazz techniques to country music, we have cultivated a unique sound and feeling.