Cello Room Productions is currently involved with numerous musical production projects, and also the publishing of some fine art and poetry books, as well as some eclectic performance and tour activity in the U.S. and Europe. CRP is an evolutionary entity focused on the arts community of Anacortes Washington.

The folks involved were part of Magic City, Signal Path Studios and other endeavors located in the historic Old Town Anacortes neighborhood.

As of 2012, CELLOROOM has released 14 CD projects. 10 CDs feature our core American/Italian musician collaboration: SFUZZI East/West. Another 4 CD projects are offered from various artists including Coty Hogue, 20 String Band, the CLUZON BIG BAND and Andrea Rapaggi Quartet. The musical colleagues of Andrea Rappagi have been key players on the various SFUZZI East/West projects. The concept is to blend American music roots with European jazz flavor, "..in la cucina Italiana!" The guitar work of Andrea Allione is prominently featured on the instrumental CDs 'Transylvanian Surf Music' and 'Casino Reale'. CELLOROOM has also been involved with promoting various concerts and performances in the USA and abroad.

Cello Room is a name inspired by the late Northwest poet Robert Sund, when he described the sound of acoustic instruments being played in the performance area formerly known as Magic City, which was in a classic building in Old Town Anacortes, and became the principle recording or "cutting" room for Signal Path Studios.

Cello Room is also closely involved with the publishing of Robert Sund's work, including the forthcoming volume of very special poetry and paintings done in Taos, New Mexico in the early 1990s, entitled Taos Mountain, and scheduled for publication at the end of 2006. Robert Sund's collected works were recently published under the title, Poems from Ish River Country, and further information can be found on the Robert Sund Poet's House website, PoetsHouseTrust.org

Music * Arts * Entertainment - Those things which give us reason to contemplate existence in a positive light, that is the objective.

Thanks for your interest.