SFUZZI East/West - Spaghetti Western


1 One Too Many 2:47
2 Someday Soon 3:25
3 In The Jailhouse Now 4:11
4 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 3:31
5 She Thinks I Still Care 3:59
6 Pancho and Lefty 4:01
7 Two More Bottles of Wine 3:03
8 Hot Burrito #1 3:32
9 Jesse James 2:58
10 When You See Her 3:43
11 I Don't Wanna Spoil the Party 2:48
12 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 4:15
13 You're Too Fine a Lady 3:25

This project is the result of American musicians collaborating with Italian Jazz musicians in Pinerolo, near Torino, Italy. The contact was first made in 2001 and the first tracks were recorded in Seattle, December 2002, at Don King's NoScript Studios. Many gigs and sessions have been played in Italy, with recording done in Bricherasio at Alberto Macerata's PLAY studios. The combination and contrast of musical viewpoints is the seasoning and the studio is the kitchen, we hope you like what has been cooked up.

This music was very new, a revelation, to the Italian players, and they have contributed a special feeling. I was inspired of course by Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, Vassar Clements, and other artists who have brought jazz techniques to country music in the past, but we have tried to cultivate a unique sound and feeling. Some cuts are just American players, some just Italian, but all songs share the same influences.

Produced by Jethro Johnson and Don King Recorded at Play Studios, Bricherasio, (Torino) Italy and NoScript Studios, Bothell (Seattle) USA. 2002-2006.