SFUZZI East/West - Songs for the Other Bob


1 Dancing Shoes 4:40
2 Eight Days A Week 2:49
3 Could You Be Loved 4:18
4 Stir It Up 4:39
5 Keep On Moving 4:17
6 Sometimes 4:36
7 Now Generation 4:24
8 Money Worries 4:35
9 Buffalo Soldier 3:26
10 New Red Rider Blues 3:27

Bob Marley's tunes herein are only four out of the ten presented, but our intention is to show the enormous influence he had on the world of music. Marley made Reggae accessible and popular world wide. Everyone from Bob Dylan to Willie Nelson has done Reggae albums.

Whether giving original tunes the Reggae feel or recasting an older tune to fit the Reggae groove, it seems that Bob Marley looks over our shoulder with his wonderful smile. His professional standards were very high and he demanded a lot from his musicians. Miles Davis made a comment in the 1950's that the notes were all known to any serious musician. The point going forward was to work on the spaces between the notes. We feel Bob Marley did more to realize that goal in popular music than any other musician. His writing and arrangements were marvels of economic genius, never predictable, always a revelation and a gift to musicians everywhere. Thanks, Bob, this one's for you.