Andrea Rapaggi Quartet - Non Basterà Una Vita


1 Nonostante tutto 4:34
2 Ayace 6:08
3 Osa! Osa! 6:39
4 Seduto sopra il tempo 6:21
5 Ma chi me l'ha fatto fare 5:29
6 Brusco risveglio 4:55
7 Guanabara 7:05
8 Jor - jo 8:20
9 Il bel gioco dura poco 5:14
10 Se 6:33
11 Nemesi 6:16
12 Non baster´┐á una vita 5:13

Andrea Rapaggi

This guitarist, composer and arranger has played jazz guitar since 1986. He studied with Pino Russo, Gianni Negro, Andrea Allione, Enrico Rava, Francis Coletta.

He has taught guitar since 1991 at several Music Intitutes in Torino and Cuneo. His focus is modern guitar, jazz improvisation and jazz harmony in the music courses promoted by "Associazione Culturale Asilo Vecchio" in Vigone (TO).

He has made several arrangements for Choirs and Vocal Groups (the group Elleintones played his Duke Ellington arrangements at the Symphony Theatre in New York City.) Cluzon Big Band's conductor and arranger, Andrea has played at many Jazz Clubs and Jazz Festivals in Italy.