SFUZZI East/West - One Heart Left


1 New Red Rider Blues 3:26
2 When You See Her 3:21
3 One Heart Left 2:52
4 You're Too Fine a Lady 3:15
5 One Too Many 2:33
6 Shame On Sally 3:42
7 What I Had Before 3:50
8 Blues For Nicola 4:41
9 Who Sent You Down Here 3:47
10 Sometimes 4:06
11 Tomorrow Knows More 3:23
12 She's So Quiet 3:18

How much emotional capital can we invest in the passion play of life's drama? At times it seems the account is overdrawn. What does it take to earn another chance? Perhaps nothing is new, but music and hope create possibilities for every age and time. May there always be One Heart Left.

SFUZZI East/West is a collaboration of American and Italian musicians recording in Seattle and Torino, Italy.