SFUZZI East/West - Transylvanian Surf Music


1 Bidda Voodoo 3:27
2 Jaco's Always Ready 4:15
3 MaybeYall 3:58
4 Delinquency of Minor Thirds 5:00
5 Dudden Habba 4:41
6 Just Because You Can 2:23
7 Blues for Allione 3:27
8 Getting Out of Bucharest 2:24
9 Section D 2:21
10 We Have Senior Dossier 2:40
11 Swelling 3:21
12 Blues for Aznar 7:07

This original music soundtrack, created for a prospective video about young USA/Euro musicians snowboarding in Romania, doesn't represent the fine music traditions of Transylvania. Yet the dark and gothic harmonies were inspired by travels inside the Hungarian culture of the Carpathians. Imagine our "Snowsurfers" getting lost on a moonlit night, discovering an old torchlit castle, complete with ancient Count, young Vampiras, entrancing music, dance and perilous romance. They escape, carving down the mountain, horse-drawn sleigh in pursuit. But the haunting faces and spirit of Transylvania linger as they venture on with the music they've found.