SFUZZI East/West - Return Of The Reluctant Prophet


1 It Takes A Lot To Laugh (It Takes A Train To Cry) 2:48
2 I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine 2:22
3 Everything Is Broken 3:26
4 Someday Baby 5:35
5 Just Like Tom Thumb?s Blues 4:17
6 John Wesley Harding 2:49
7 I Pity The Poor Immigrant 3:46
8 Born In Time 3:11
9 Most Of The Time 4:04
10 Ballad Of A Thin Man 6:02
11 John Wesley Harding (Redux) 2:33

Bob Dylan has been a seminal influence for so many of my generation. I heard his first album simultaneously with the arrival of the Beatles. The lads from Liverpool made you want to dance and romance, Dylan made you want to think. His lyrics seem to carry more portent as time goes on. Check out 1989's 'Everything Is Broken'. Could this not be today's theme song two decades on.

He has always challenged his 'faithful' followers, who wanted to stone him on the infamous electric tour with the Band in 1965-66. For a man who has never claimed to prophesies anything, his words ring truer each day.

You'll note several tunes from John Wesley Harding herein, Dylan's most contemplative work, done after his motorcycle accident (1967), a return to the acoustic/country feel. This has been my favorite album for decades. In recognition of Dylan's refusal to ever play the same song the same way twice, we offer a redux version of the lead title for this masterpiece.

Thanks, Mr. Zimmerman, you are our Shakespeare and our Isaiah. Let history record.

- Jeff Winston